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Free installation for new customers

Free Underground Propane Tank Installation & Hook Up 

excavation-for-underground-propane-gas-tank.jpgRequest a call today to learn more about our underground propane tank installation process.

Choose Kauffman Gas to install a high quality underground propane tank.

Kauffman Gas offers:

checkmark.png  Free installation & hook up

checkmark.png  Same-day excavation, installation, & connection

checkmark.png  500 gallon & 1000 gallon propane tanks

checkmark.png  Automatic delivery services

checkmark.png  Underground propane tank & appliance maintenance

*You must use over 800 gallons of gas per year to qualify.




What our customers are saying

"We recently switched from a 100 gallon above ground propane tank to a 500 gallon underground tank. My wife and I were delighted with the work they performed and the care they took in the restoration of our property after the installation of the tank. We have been a customer for approximately 15 years. Look forward to dealing with Kauffman for many more years."

—Joe Mc Intosh Sr 

What you can expect from your underground propane tank installation by Kauffman Gas


1. Choose a tank that fits your needs

Deciding what type and size propane tank you need depends on your needs and environmental circumstances.
Experienced technicians help maximize your investment by:

  • determining tank size based on needs.
  • installing discreet tanks that are not an eyesore on your property.
  • ensuring compliancy with rules and regulations.

2. Hassle-free Installation

We coordinate with the HVAC contractor that is installing your furnace for same-day installation of your propane tank.

Kauffman's skilled in-house technicians handle the excavation, installation, and gas hook from start to finish, making the process quick and easy for you.

3. Dependable Automatic Delivery

With our Automatic Delivery Service, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of gas!

We automatically refill your propane tank based on your calculated usage usage, keeping your tank full and your house warm.

Need to purchase a furnace?

With more than 65 years in the business, we have a number of reputable contacts who share our commitment to quality and service. While we do not sell or install furnaces, we are happy to partner you with an HVAC Contractor suited to your needs and budget.

Measuring demand and delivering supply

How much propane you use depdns on how warm you want to keep it inside.

Monitoring your propane use

The amount of propane you use really depends on how cold it is outside, and how warm you are attempting to keep the inside. 

  •  Typical 100,000 btu home furnaces use approximately 1-gallon-per-hour.
  •  Expect to use between 500-1200 gallons/year.
The Degree Day System

The Degree Day System allows us to forecast your energy consumption, without ever having access to your tank. By measuring external factors like temperature, and lifestyle factors like appliance and heat usage, we are able to accurately and consistentlymeasure demand for energy.

We personalize this system for each customer, assigning a unique “Degree Day Number” to measure their individual usage. With this information, we track your usage needs and know when when you need fuel and how much.

Reliable Delivery Services

Our Auto Delivery accurately and consistently predicts your propane usage using your unique Degree Day Number. This efficient method ensures you receive propane gas when you need it. 

  • No need to call us
  • Avoid running out of gas
  • Avoid special delivery & maintenance fees.
Fair prices and flexible payment plans

Kauffman is able to charge less than our competitors because we are a small company with one very important stake holder: the customer. We offer propane at low, competitive prices from our wholesalers to stay within your budget.

Our convenient payment plans help distribute and control payments so they stay within your budget. 

Keeping your family, your home, and your investment safe

Responsible underground propane tank installation keeps your home safe.

Comprehensive maintenance services

We are dedicated to maintaining the value of your propane tank. OurCorrosion Control System and underground tank maintenance ensure your tank is not is not damaged from:

  • Rust
  • Leaks
  • Corrosion
  • Damage

Our delivery technicians inspect the exterior of your tank for any signs of damage or corrosion upon each delivery, so you can rest assured that your tank is in top operating condition. If it is not, or if you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your tank, Kauffman replaces your tank free of cost to you.

Responsible, safe propane tank installations

Unlike other companies whose high turnover rates, inexperience, and carelessness result in improperly installed tanks that risk leaks and violate safety regulations, Kauffman technicians are committed to delivering the highest level of safety and quality.

Many of Kauffman’s skilled technicians have been with the company for more than 15 years, and in the industry for longer, so you can depend on consistent, quality results. 

Kauffman’s qualified technicians:

  • adhere to all industry rules and regulation.
  • keep current on safety precautions.
  • are committed to delivering quality.
  • genuinely care about your unique situation.

24 Hour Emergency Service

To ensure your comfort, safety, and peace of mind, our 24 hour emergency service is there to help you, day or night.